Thursday, February 12, 2009

The sweetest of softies, Ai-Li by Gocks Frocks

Ai-Li by Gocks Frocks

I saw this doll while perusing Etsy. I have to say, I am in love with her.
Her name means lovely and she really is!
I am so tempted to order her for myself and put her on display.
She comes accompanied by a closet of accessories; hat, tutu, wrap, skirt, bag and doll.

What fun for every girl (even us grown up ones) to have.
I am picturing what goodies Ai-Li would carry in her little bag...maybe a some fresh picked flowers or fruit she found while out on a stroll.

Although Ai-Li's creation was inspired by wonderful stories of children adopted from China her look is broad enough to be suitable for a number of musings. Her Springtime colors reminded me of the magnificent cherry blossoms soon to emerge in our nation's capital.

She would make a splendid centerpiece with cherry blossoms popping from her bag. With the Cherry Blossom Festival arriving (March 28-April 12) what a wonderful tribute to the fantastic gift Tokyo made to Washington, DC with their beautiful trees.

I am sure she will inspire hours of imaginative play to whoever offers her a new home.

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