Friday, March 6, 2009

deer insure rants

Deer Insure rants,

First it startdid wiff hi insure rants preemie-yums. Now I em gutting billz in the male lefffft and rite from docktores yooare no longer paying add-a-kwatlee. Yoo are also declawning to pay fur a numbur uf medikashuns that my docktores feel are mediclee mess-is-saree. Wen did insurants become moor nowledgebubble than docktores on how payshints shud be tweeted? The last straw wuz when I tried to fill medikashuns at the farmIsee I have yoozed for deckaids to be told insurants declined them. When I kalled insurants I wuz told I am rekwired to use male ordurrr farmisee now. Hooo iz benney- fitting from this? Sertanlee not eye, the loopuss pashunt that just wants two get butter. Deafin-nut-lee not the docktores hoo don’t seam two bee getting payd what they halve rytfulleee urned, or the farmisee hoo knows me pursesonlee and my medikashuns cents I can no longer patronize them. So insure rants, it must bee yoo that is benifitting from this. Shame on yoo, may-king the lives of peepole hoo are already suffering that much moor difficult and costlee.

With dismay,

Sarah as dicktated to Alfredo the Kat

Beecuz meowmie haz a headache and wont get up

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  1. (cat to human translation)
    Dear Insurance,

    First it started with high insurance premiums. Now I am getting bills in the mail left and right from doctors you are no longer paying adequately. You are also declining to pay for a number of medications that my doctors feel are medically necessary.
    When did insurance become more knowledgeable than doctors on how patients should be treated? The last straw was when I tried to fill medications at the pharmacy I have used for decades to be told insurance declined them. When I called insurance I was told I am required to use mail order pharmacy now. Who is benefiting from this? Certainly not I, the Lupus patient that just wants to get better. Definitely not the doctors who don’t seem to be getting paid what they have rightfully earned, or the pharmacy who knows me personally and my medications since I can no longer patronize them.
    So insurance, it must be you that is benefiting from this. Shame on you, making the lives of people who are already suffering that much more difficult and costly.

    With dismay,

    Sarah as dictated to Alfredo the cat

    because mommy has a headache and wont get up