Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A community mourns for a child that brought us awareness

I joined twitter as a resource to meet other similar kinds of small business. It brought me a lot more than I had imagined. On Twitter I found a kinship for business, personal and health woes. The tweeple (people who use twitter) who stand out to me most are the ones that bring me laughter amidst that support. I eagerly anticipate their next 140 characters more than my morning coffee.

Heather Spohr AKA Mamaspohr always provided a levity that I would look forward to. She is a celebrity among women on twitter for her honest account of her life. She brought us into her world of pregnancy, raising a premature child, marriage and insurance. She brought her lovely daughter Maddie into all of our homes. For a woman I had never met it is amazing she worked into many of our conversations as if she were our Phoebe or Rachel.

Heather and her husband Mike brought us, her tweeple the trials and tribulations of her daughter Maddie’s 11 week premature birth. As a hopeful future parent I read her posts with anticipation and wondered “what if this were to happen to me?” She brought candid awareness to raising a premature child that few do. Through her constant humor I got to look through a peephole into her life. And I enjoyed every minute of it. She educated me on The March of Dimes, parenting, and bringing laughter into my everyday life. I took many mental notes I plan to resurrect when I become a parent one day.

Among thousands of others on twitter I looked on in horror as “our” child Maddie was brought to the hospital with breathing difficulties. Heather had become the friend that we longed for. That friend that will lend you a cup of whiskey and a shoulder to drench when all other girlfriends turn away. Her astute observations on life’s punches in the face constantly had me nodding my head in agreement and admiration “yes, I too suck at dieting, and love practical jokes too!”

How can the child of this cool mom we all love be sick again.

I have to admit, my spirits were lifted when I read her distinctive humor as she purveyed the grotesque offerings of the hospital cafeteria. I pondered her sanity as she looked over hospital sushi, but was relieved our Mamspohr was among us.

I breathed a sigh of relief and thought “she must be improving.” And twitter life moved on to chatter of Jill and Countess Luanne, Etsy sales and Easter baskets.

By midnight on April 7, 2009 word of The Spohr’s devastation had blown through twitter. Little Maddie had passed away. An outcome I never considered. Less than 24 hours since her passing it is still unimaginable to me how something so tragic could strike this family. Thousands on Twitter have chosen to dedicate their tweets and blogs to the awareness of Maddie Spohr and fundraising for March of Dimes. I too would like to point all my readers to her story and fundraising efforts. Please dedicate your blogs and tweets to raising awareness and funds in memory of this wonderful child and help make her the last child a parent has to lose.

Maddie’s March of Dimes fund raising link

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